'the iPatch Slim' webcam cover for your Mac or PC*

Slimmer than a credit card & now available for both laptops and desktops! the iPatch helps to keep time spent at your computer private. Are you sitting comfortably?

Now you can be 100% sure nobody can 'see' what you are doing. When you wish to use your in-built webcam, simply slide the iPatch to one side. Slide it back when you're done.

The new streamlined design is available in Silver, White and Black.


'Now you see me... now you don't.'
Privacy comes as standard.


Created to work seamlessly with videoconferencing software**; your buddies can be connected and hear you, but they won't see you until you're ready - so no surprises!

If you work in a studio or office environment where cameras are forbidden, use the iPatch to keep out prying eyes. A fixed version is also available on request.

The iPatch ensures that your webcam can only see what you want it to see, when you want others to see it.

Slim White Slim Silver Slim Black

theiPatch Slim White

theiPatch Slim Silver

theiPatch Slim Black

How secure is your computer's webcam?

Here is a brief list of Mac/PC hacking software, videos, tutorials, articles in the media & associated privacy lawsuits:
BBC ClickBBC News Wired.Com Pro Webcam Hack v1.0LanRevHiddenAppWebcam Spy XIback|track, Metasploit & Armitagefastandeasyhacking.comAbsolute.ComDM, Matthew AndersonWebcam Hacking with Michael Gregg (Fox News)Teacher Spy (via youTube.Com)Webcam Hacking ReviewMetasploit TutorialNETBIOS HackingBoingboing.ComThe Telegraph: iTunes flaw 'allowed government spying for 3 years'

Unauthorized monitoring of webcams is becoming extremely commonplace. A school-issued computer is as likely to be monitored as a hacked office PC (whether it's at school, university, office, government department, or watching you in your bedroom whilst you sleep).

About 'the iPatch Slim'

• Less than one millimeter thin!

• Available in three colors: White, Silver & Black

• Ships with: sliding colored webcam cover & support
blank(with 'Perma-fix' self-adhesive #)


Love your webcam, but wish it wasn't 'looking' at you all the time? the iPatch is ideal for checking your e-mails in your birthday-suit...


Which one's for me?

The iPatch Slim comes in one distinct design, which blends in with the form factor of your Mac or PC. It comprises two ultra-lightweight magnetic surfaces wrapped in a vinyl sleeve. The polarity of the sections are aligned, so the cover 'floats' gracefully into position.

Available in three colors, choose the iPatch to suit your computer:
• Black
• White
• Silver

Buy yours today!

Read the checklist here before buying.

Apple Computers:
Fits the Macbook Air, Macbook Pro, Macbook, iMac & Cinema/Thunderbolt Displays.

Fits dozens of laptops & desktops with in-built webcam's.

** iTwist n' Go! integration.

The iPatch is designed to work seamlessly with iTwist n' Go! Featuring one-step calling, answering, direct to fullscreen, automatic answering and more. Try it free today by visiting:

How to buy:

1: Click on the 'Buy Here' button above.

2: Place your order in the onlinestore.

3: The iPatch will be delivered to the address provided.

# 'Perma-fix':
To attach the iPatch to your computer, a self-adhesive backing strip is included.

Large & custom orders:
For orders of 1,000 units or more, delivery times will be approximately ten working days. We also offer a custom printing service on both the units and the packaging.

For sensitive environments where cameras are forbidden, we can also supply fixed units.

Contact us for further information.

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